What I do for my Dog’s Seizures

I should start out by saying, if you haven’t read the “what this blog is about” post. My Siberian Husky, Loki, has frequent seizures. Actually the night before I typed this he had two about five hours apart from each other .

They can be scary at first. One minute he is sleeping, then the next he is tensed up in a ball or flailing his legs and drooling. They have lasted anywhere from under a minute to four minutes . Each time is a little different but knowing what is happening is half the battle.

The steps that I personally take when Loki has a seizure are as follows:

  1. Move anything away that I can, then position myself against him so he doesn’t move/push into or off of anything and put a towel under his head. During a seizure dogs are not in pain even though they may look or sound like it but they can be if they hit into something.
  2. Check the time. The most important thing to do it is to keep a log of when they happen and how long they last.
  3. Comfort him by softly petting him and talking to him. This is a scary time for them because they have no way to understand why they can’t move correctly.
  4. Stay with him till he is able to get up on his own, then make sure that he gets a drink. Dogs can over heat if the seizure last more than a few minutes.

Please understand that I am in no way a vet, and if this should happen to your pet please do contact your vet as soon as possible with the time you logged.

What this blog is about

This blog is to bring awareness about health issues effecting dogs to light to their owners, who might not even realize this is possible.

Why I’m making this blog

This site is being made as an assignment for my CPT 201 Web Content Development class at WCCC.

Personal connection

The reason I chose this topic is because my Husky Loki, has frequent seizures that are not caused by anything and can just happen at any time. Some times they are months apart and sometime they are in the same day.

Before he had his first one almost 4 years ago, I never even realized that animals could have the same problems as humans. It was really shocking at first and I was completely unprepared to deal with something like that.

Thats why I hope that this may bring some awareness to people not to scare people but, maybe to help some to prepare and understand what is happening to they best four legged friend.

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